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About Us

About Us

Crompton Technology is the largest authorized Crompton Instruments value added electrical instrument supplier in Canada.

We offer an extensive range of products including analog/digital meters, military specification meters, transformers, shunts, protector trip relays, transducers, and switches, plus many others.

Crompton Instruments has over 125 years of experience, beginning in 1881 with esteemed founder Colonel Crompton, from the U.K., in the field of instrumentation and investment in today’s technologies and its British origins is known all over the world for quality, innovation and technical expertise.
Our commitment to quality, service and responsiveness is what sets us apart from all other suppliers.

Our centre provides its customers with applications backup, product configuration, calibration and dedicated sales engineering to provide the best support available in the industry.
We offer off-the-shelf as well as modification services, custom printing (your logo on our instruments) and warranty / off warranty service and repair.

To support the ever increasing demands of your customers for shorter lead times, late specification changes, and higher quality you need a supplier you can rely on. Your order can be processed, manufactured, configured and delivered to your door in a surprisingly short time and we are always there when you need us.

We are happy to support large and small scale projects as well as various payment options or setting up credit accounts for qualifying customers. We welcome your business and look forward to supporting our customers with EXCELLENT Customer service, LARGE on-hand stock and attention to details.