549 Miniature Digital AC Ammeter









Ac ammeter miniature:  series from Crompton: The Miniature 549 Digital AC Ammeter is designed to accurately measure AC RMS Current via a Current transformer. Measurements will be displayed on an integral LCD.
The small compact design allows it to be fitted in a standard 17/32″ switch knock out. The product harvests power from the input signal therefore eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

Key Features

  • •Compact size
  • •Fits stranded 17/32″ knock outs
  • •No power supply needed
  • •Programmable CT ratios


  • •Simple clamp fixing
  • •Easy installation or replacement
  • •Panel space saving Miniature Design
  • •Brand labeling available


  • •Motor control
  • •Switchgear
  • •Distribution systems
  • •Generator sets
  • •Control panels
  • •Energy management
  • •Building management


  • cRU/ UL recognized file number E171167


549 Digital Meter 549-3