Type N – 12 to 130 Amps













N Series Rotary cam switches encompass the latest achievements in the field of switching devices through the application of high quality insulation materials and contacts made with silver alloys.

Their advantages are: high making and breaking capacities, electrical and mechanical endurance and small dimensions. The rotary cam switches are intended for multiple switching operations in main as well as in auxiliary circuits:

  • as motor switches they are designed for direct-online starting and stopping of single-phase and three-phase motors. They are also available as star-delta switches, reversing switches and pole-change over motor switches
  • in auxiliary circuits they are assembled to your specific switching program needs: switches for control, signaling and measuring circuits
  • selector switches and tap switches e.g. for transformers and welding apparatuses
  • step switches e.g. for switching operations of resistors and heaters
  • control switch with spring return

The rotary cam switches can have 12 control positions and 12 switching elements (24 contacts) maximum and can be made with detent positions of 30˚, 45˚, 60˚ and 90˚.

For switches requiring more rotating force, the next size latching mechanism is used, and is marked with B in this catalog.

Where a larger front mounting plate is required, the switches are marked with H (e.g. N20H). When the switches are used at lower voltages than 24 V and low ma currents (dry circuits) or in dusty and aggressive environments, the contacts can be gold-plated.

The switches can be used in ambient temperatures from – 25˚ C to + 55˚ C. Besides the standard mounting forms U, O, P, the switches are available with a large number of optional extras and they comply with all requirements of the most complicated plants and devices.

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