600V Class Current Transformers- Primary Wound No Window Type (2.5 to 100:5 A)

Primary Wound Current Transformers are designed for use with ammeters, wattmeters and cross current compensation or for relay driver application. All models have an Insulation Level of 600V, 10kv BIL Full Wave, 50-500 Hz and are CSA and UL recognized. No Window Type.
Ratios from 2.5 to 100:5 amps ac are available.


  • 189  (2.70″width X 3.18″height X 2.37″depth),Ratios 2.5 to 100:5  specs(click)  



  • 189 (2.70″width X 3.18″height X 2.37″depth),Ratios 2.5 to100:5