Marine Approved DIN Analog Meters (BV approved)

High quality Marine Approved Analog Meters (BV Approval) designed to measure a wide range of electrical parameters.

This comprehensive range offers quadratic instruments in different dimensions (48mm,72mm,96mm,144mm) Products are available as voltmeters, ammeters, voltmeters and ammeters incorporating a selector switch, power meters, energy meters incorporating a power indicator, process indicators and synchronoscopes.

To suit the needs of the shipbuilding and associated industries, manufacturing equipment for sea-going vessels, these instruments are CE marked and approved by Bureau Veritas (BV) under certification numbers 38933/A0 BV, 38940/A0 BV, 38941/A0 BV, 38942/A0 BV.


  • Extensive Range
  • Accurate measurement and display of electrical parameters
  • Up to four different case sizes
  • Wide range of specifications
  • Designed for reliable operation in marine and offshore environments•


  • Cost effective
  • Local indication
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal operator training
  • Low maintenance level


  • Switchgear
  • Distribution systems
  • Control panels
  • Process control
  • Motor control


  • BV (Bureau Veritas) approved
  • CE