Digital Meters

Crompton Technology carries a wide range of digital meters, from standard 96 x 48mm Digital Displays, Multi-Function Units, Miniature AC Ammeters, Large Digit Displays (2″,4″,6″,or 8″), Digital/Analog combination displays, and LED Bar Graphs.

We are also the authorized distributor in Canada for Laurel Electronics, who set the standard in the digital industry with their programmable transmitters,  digital panel meters electronic counters , industrial timers, and large digit displays.

All these digital meters are versatile in their measuring range which includes A.C.and D.C. current/voltage. Some versions allow display blanking and hold. The meter front is totally sealed and when panel mounted with an optional gasket is hose proof to IP66, allowing washing and use in wet areas, e.g. food industry, quarries, portable test gear. Other parameters, e.g. Watts, VAr, VA , PF, temperature etc. may be measured using an additional transducer from our transducer range.

Panel mounting is quick, with two corner clamps tensioned by thumb screws or alternatively by a quick-fix ratchet. Other than the frequency versions, these instruments can be powered by a variety of A.C. or D.C. supplies. Care has been taken to provide isolation from the measured input signal.