Panel mounted Rotary Cam Switches, CSA APPROVED, offer either a 7—position or 4—position voltmeter switch and 4—position ammeter switch for reading line-to-line or line-to-neutral voltage and phase current. These rotary cam switches are used commonly with our Analog Panel Meters.

Due to their small dimensions and 4-hole mounting construction, they are ideal for almost any application. These switches integrate high quality insulation material with silver alloy contacts. This results in high making and breaking capacities and a long operation life. Switches are available in a large range of switching capacities, from 15 to 1200 A, with ratings up to 600 V AC. They are available to withstand surge capacities up to 18000 A.

Rotary cam switches can be built to customer specifications. They are intended for multiple switching operations in main as well as in auxiliary circuits:

  • As motor switches they are designed for direct-online starting and stopping of single-phase and three-phase motors. They also come out as star-delta switches, reversing switches, changeover switches and solenoid locking option also available.
  • In auxiliary circuits they are assembled in compliance with the switching program according to preference: switches for control, signaling and measuring circuits
  • Selector switches and step switches e.g. for transformers and welding apparatuses
  • Group switches e.g. for switching operations of resistors and heaters
  • Twisted switch with automatic return