Analog Switchboard Meters

Crompton Instruments manufactures the Industry Leading range of Analog Switchboard Meters including analog panel meters and digital/analog panel meters in the 4½” ANSI case style, available in standard 007 casing or 078 Hi Shock Sealed casing. These Panel Meters utilize a robust pivot and jewel movement design, and provide 1% accuracy for all RMS AC and DC ranges. This Panel Meter range offers various customized options and features cUL/CSA Approval for Canada and UL, CE certifications. 

This robust panel meter series includes (SEE PICS BELOW): LED Digital/Analog Combination, Ac Ammeters/Voltmeters, DC Ammeters/Voltmeters, Elapsed Time Meters, Frequency Meters, Meter Relays, Phase Sequence/Phase Failure, Power Factor Meters, Synchroscopes(Analog), Synchroscopes (LED Digital), Wattmeters/Varmeters.

Designed for North American Market, complying with ANSI C39.1 standard,

  • Class 1 accuracy
  • CSA/cUL/UL Approved
  • Withstand high levels of shock, vibration, dirt and humidity
  • Protected to enclosure code IP54
  • One piece molded plastic shatterproof front cover
  • Tough, crystal clear polycarbonate windows
  • Parallax error-free platform dials
  • Rugged pivot and jewel movement design
  • Calibration for mounting other than vertical
  • Scaling to customer’s requirements

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