Integra 1630 Multifunction Meter

General Details

Integra 1630 Digital Multifunction Meter

The Integra 1630 digital metering system (dms) provides high accuracy 0.2% measurement, display and communication of all major electrical and power quality parameters including total harmonic distortion (THD) up to the 31st harmonic. To suit user requirements, the range includes single-phase, three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire capability, all selectable at the point of installation. Unit has CE Approval.

This DIN 96 panel mounting enclosure offers simple programming and display of up to 35 electrical parameters via a simple menu-driven user interface on the front panel. Optional pulsed and digital communication outputs are available, to allow up to 60 parameters to be communicated to building management systems. A Windows-based software package is available to remotely configure the Integra dms and display all 60 major parameters.

Operation : Integra 1630 dms offers uncomplicated operation and high accuracy measurement of three-phase voltage, current, frequency, Watts, VAr, VA, energy, power factor, and total harmonic distortion of both phase and system, current and voltage.

Integra 1630 dms includes true measurement of both line-to-neutral, and line-toline voltages, ensuring accurate readings. The pre-calibrated plug-in option cards allow cost effective upgrades with any combination of pulsed, analogue and digital communication outputs. Cards slot simply into the back of the unit and products do not need to be removed from the installation or recalibrated.

Pulsed Outputs : Integra 1630 meters offer optional single or dual pulsed outputs, programmable to represent import or export kWh, import or export kVArh or kVAh. The output pulses have programmable pulse rate divisor and pulse width.

Modbus RTU RS485 Protocol : Integra 1630 dms offers an RS485 communication port using the Modbus RTU RS485 protocol or the Johnson Controls Metasys NII protocol. Integra 1630 meter establishes the format for the master’s query automatically, and responds with the correct protocol using IEEE floating point values.

Modbus TCP (Ethernet): Integra 1630 dms options include an Ethernet communication module for connection to SCADA systems using the Modbus TCP protocol. The Integra 1630 dms with Ethernet option module acts as a Modbus slave device and may be queried by a Modbus master device. All messages sent to the Integra Ethernet interface must conform to the Modbus TCP protocol.

BACnet IP Interface: Integra 1630 dms options include an Ethernet communication module for connection to SCADA systems using the BACnet IP protocol. The Integra 1630 dms acts as a server device and waits to receive commands from a BACnet/IP client. A BACnet/ IP client (e.g. a SCADA system running on a PC), is used to instigate communication with the meter. All messages sent to the Integra Ethernet interface must conform to the BACnet IP protocol.

BACnet MSTP Interface: Integra 1630 options include a BACnet MSTP module for connection via RS485 to SCADA or Building Automation and Management systems running BACnet MSTP clients. The Integra 1630 acts as a server device and waits to receive requests from a BACnet client that must conform to the BACnet MSTP Protocol. The module is fitted with a three-way screw terminal block to daisy-chain the BACnet communications cable.

Profibus™ DP Protocol: The Integra 1630 provides Profibus™ DP communication via 9-way D type connections in an extension module.


  • Current demand per phase
  • Elapsed time counter for connected loads
  • High contrast LED display
  • LED annunciators for each measured parameter
  • Low profile
  • Programmable VT and CT ratios
  • Removable bezel for very low profile application
  • User programmable system configuration (4-wire default)


  • Configurable via software package or menu-driven interface
  • High accuracy <0.2 % on some measurements
  • Import and export monitoring
  • True rms measurement


  • Building Management
  • Control Panels
  • Distribution Systems
  • Energy Management
  • Generator Sets
  • Motor Monitoring
  • Process Control
  • Switchgear
  • Utility Power Monitoring


  • IEC1010-1 (BSEN 61010-1 – 2001)


  • CE