Transducers Ac Current

General Details

Transducers Ac Current in the rugged PCM Series. Input 0-5 thru 300 Amps ac (one input only) with output 4-20 mA DC. These rugged high quality units are cRU approved, 600 V Class, 10KV BIL full wave.

Transducers Ac Current PCM series accurately convert a sinusoidal ac input to a proportional dc current. The high performance integrated circuit amplifiers achieve a contestant current output, insensitive to a variable impedance load. This allows the PCM to be easily applied to remote instrumentation, motor control, and energy management installations.

The input circuit is average responding. The output requires 24V dc to be applied between the (+) terminal and ground. The output load may be inserted in either the (-) line for a negative ground system. Power supply polarity is critical for correct operation, but an accidental reverse polarity connection will not damage the output.

Several transducers can be operated from a single power supply with the only limitation being the maximum current available from the supply itself.


  • Accurately converts a sinusoidal ac input to dc current
  • High Performance
  • Input 5 amps thru 300 amps
  • Input circuit is average responding
  • Output 4-20 mA DC


  • Energy management
  • Motor Control
  • Remote instrumentation


  • cRU 317008



  • cRU 317008