Bargraph Meter – BAR Series w/alarm

Compact, economical & versatile. Laurel’s BAR Series Bargraph Process Displays utilize a 1/8 DIN case like most digital panel meters and fit in the same 1/8 DIN size panel cutout. The bargraph is made of 30 LED elements, which can be red or green. The display can be set up with a moving dot, for example for position monitoring, or in the traditional accumulating bar format, for example to indicate tank level. Special scales available. The display can be vertical or horizontal,  depending on how the case is oriented.

Transducer excitation standard. A 15 Vdc, 30 mA transducer excitation output is standard and can eliminate the need for an external power supply.

Optional Alarms. Two 5A, 250 Vac relay outputs are optional for alarm or setpoint control. The alarms have a failsafe (de-energize on trip) changeover output and an LED to show relay status. The alarms are supplied in HI-LO format, but can easily be altered to HI-HI or LO-LO. There’s also a “pump-control” mode, where the low alarm will latch, and will only reset when the input exceeds the high alarm limit.

Designed for industrial environments. These bargraph displays are highly immune to electromagnetic interference. The front panel is environmentally sealed to IP54 (NEMA-12). Laurel’s Model IPC splashproof cover can extend protection to IP65 (NEMA-4). Signal connections are via detachable screw terminal connectors.

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