Integra Software Downloads

INT- SOFT is a simple Windows style user interface enabling remote configuration of Integra parameters, and monitoring of measured parameters. Configuration of measured parameters, outputs, digital communications, pulsed relays, current and power demand are easily programmed through INT-SOFT, which can be installed on any PC running Windows

INT-SOFT allows the user to load and save the configuration to and from a hard disk on a PC, and to send and retrieve settings to and from the Integra. Settings can be saved to disk for later use, and can be copied from one Integra to the next. Communication with up to 31 Integra units can be achieved via connection to a COM port on the PC via an RS485/RS232 converter, however, INT-SOFT can only communicate with one Integra at a time.  Status information of measured parameters will usually be communicated into a building management system, but can also be monitored through the configuration software. The software interrogates the selected Integra every few seconds to obtain data, which can be viewed on a dedicated measurements page.


  • Remote metering
  • Remote status information
  • PC configuration of programmable parameters
  • Full access to each and every parameter
  • Upload and download Integra settings
  • View and edit Integra settings
  • Load and save parameter settings
  • Print data logs
  • Password protected


  • PC based communication systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • PLC interfacing
  • Energy management systems


TE DataX Free Software Integra 1630 Configurator V 1.0.0 Integra Ci3 Configurator v1.0.10
INT-SOFT – Version 1.0.19 BACnet Config prior to June 2014.csv INT-1560 Configurator V1.0.19.2 3.6GW Version
Ruinet BACnet Config.csv