Sealed and Ruggedised Analog Meters

Crompton Instruments Analog Sealed Meters manufactured in the UK are heavy duty, and designed to comply with the most stringent industrial, marine, and military specifications.

This metal cased range are all fitted with toughened glass, and operate efficiently in the most adverse environments where extreme conditions of shock, vibration, dirt, humidity and temperature variation are present.

To prevent fogging, all indicators have been dried, evacuated and filled with dry nitrogen during manufacturing. The case interior retains a constant pressure of at least 94kPa above the exterior with leakage not above the equivalent of 1.33 Pa ml/s of air. A Panel Sealing gasket is included as a standard option with each meter at no extra charge.

Standard instrument dials are finished in acrylic white matt with black printing and a parallel pointer. Scales form a true arc with zero on the left hand-side. Options include suppressed zero, color index lines, bands, zones or segments, a black dial with white printing, and customer logo. Dial Illumination is available on the Model 078 series.


  • Designed specifically for stringent industrial, marine and military specifications
  • An extensive range of high accuracy measuring instruments in 3 case sizes
  • Rugged Hi-Q taut-band suspension
  • Bump, shock and vibration proof


  • Complies with BSEN60051 (IEC51)
  • IP67 (NEMA 6 and 6P) protection


  • Switchgear
  • Distribution systems
  • Generator sets
  • Control panels
  • Utility power monitoring
  • Process control
  • Motor control
  • Marine
  • Military

083-084 Short Scale 90 degrees(SPECS CLICK)

083-084 Long Scale 240_degrees(SPECS CLICK)

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