600V Class Split Core (Take Apart) Current Transformers Rectangular Window for busbars


Split Core Current Transformer: A versatile range of split core(take apart) current transformers that offers a cost effective and efficient method by which the current can be measured without the need to break the conductor, thereby reducing installation and commissioning time. Foot or Busbar mounted.




  • High quality measurements
  • Available in a wide range of transformer ratings
  • Accuracy up to Class 0.5
  • Foot or Busbar mounted
  • CSA and UL approved


  • Faster installation
  • Cost effective
  • Long product life


  • Switchgear
  • Distribution systems
  • Generator Sets
  • Control


500 SPLIT CORE  4.1 x 7.1″to 10.1 x 30.1″window,300-6000:5 A specs(click) 



600 SPLIT CORE   2.00 x 5.50″ window,  400-2000:5 A   specs(click)



601 SPLIT CORE   4.50 x 4.50″ window, 400-2000:5 A   specs(click)



606 SPLIT CORE WEATHER PROOF, 2.75 x 2.70″window, 200-1200:5A       specs(click)


608 SPLIT CORE WEATHER PROOF, 2.60 x 6.25″window, 500-3200:5A        specs(click)



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