Special Sale – Analog Meters






Please verify availability before ordering, Prices in Cad$ below.


Return Policy:All items come with a 30 day warranty. Any product that proves to be defective, within the warranty period, can be returned for a credit to be issued (Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable). Returns must be in Original condition with all original packaging, manuals, etc. Customers will be responsible for all return shipping costs. To obtain an RMA number please contact us via Email


Analog Meters Sorted by SIZE below: (click on spec sheet at end of part number for pics/specs)

  • 549-80AA-HG**, 1.5 inch, input 4-20 mA dc, scaled per customer request, qty 2:$10 each, analog-549
  • M242-156G-PLZH-C6, 1.8 inch (48 x 48 mm), elapsed time hour meter, input 100-125 volts ac, 60 hz, 99,999.99 hours, qty 4 $20 each, spec sheet 240-etm-m series
  • E243-02VG-PZXX-C7, 2.8 inch (72 x 72 mm), input 0-150 volts ac, scaled per customer requirement, qty 4: $10 each, spec sheet 240-ac amps-volts-freq-90 deg
  • 083-75AB-LSRL-C6, 3.5 inch , ac ammeter, sealed ruggedized indicator military style, input 0-5 amperes ac, scaled 0-200 Ac Amperes, 60 hz, qty 1: $50 each,analog-083-084
  • E244-16AG-LSPK-C7, 3.5 inch (96 x 96 mm), ac max demand ammeter, input 0/5/6 ac amperes, scaled 0/100/120 ac amperes, 50/60 hz, qty 1: $20 each, spec sheet 240-max demand