Fused Disconnects

A Telecom Fused Disconnect (TFD) device design comprises a line  side terminal, a load side terminal and a removable fuse holder protection assembly installed in a housing. A separate removable alarm fuse may also be included.

While providing overload and fault protection, fused disconnect devices also allow manual control of each load circuit.

Their application is particularly suited to low voltage, high current electrical power distribution systems where fuse-protected disconnect devices are required. Telecommunications systems plants typically have back-up power supplies in the event of a power failure. High-capacity storage batteries automatically supply electricity to operating equipment when conventional power sources are unavailable. In these systems, several batteries and power converters are connected together so that power is drawn from a wide number of sources.

In large installations, multiple levels of power distribution are arrayed such that a single larger fused disconnect is used to distribute power to smaller fused disconnects. These large fused disconnects can generally handle up to 600 Amps.

To meet the needs of the telecom industry, the factory has developed several fused disconnects with extended ranges of up to 1200 Amps.

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