Analog Panel Meters5

Analog Panel Meters for measuring electrical and electronic parameters including panel indicators, & sealed instruments.

Analog Switchboard Meters1

Analog Switchboard Meters 4½" ANSI case style with a robust pivot & jewel movement design, and 1% accuracy for all RMS AC and DC ranges.

Analog/Digital Meter Relays3

Analog/Digital Meter Relays continuously monitor and protect any electrical parameter within a set point limit.

Current Transformers12

Current Transformers for reducing high primary currents down to a 5 or 1 Amp secondary current. Solid Core or Split Core models available.

Digital Metering Systems7

Digital Metering Systems in DIN96 panel mounted or DIN-rail enclosures. Cost effective solution for measurement & display of all electrical parameters.

Digital Meters5

Digital Meters versatile measuring range which includes A.C. and D.C. current/voltage. Applications are Genset panels, Process systems, Control panels.

Digital/Analog Meters1

Digital/Analog Meters offering a combination of a traditional 250° 4 1⁄2" switchboard indicator plus the benefits of wide angle LED visibility.

Elapsed Time Meters5

Hour Meters measuring 99,999.99 Hours, Non-Resettable to avoid accidental erasing. Available in 50 Hz or 60Hz, in durable cases.

Frequency Meters2

Frequency Meters available in different models and sizes in analog style in durable cases. From 50 Hz to 60 Hz to 400 Hz.

KW Hour Meters1

KW Hour Meters cost effective watt hour & VAr hour meter in 96mm DIN panel mount. Measuring real consumption active & reactive energy Class 1.0 accuracy.

Protector Trip Relays2

Protector Trip Relays continuously monitor and protect any electrical parameter within a set point limit. Single parameter units, earth leakage protection and ground fault relays.

Schlegel Products5

Contact Blocks, Emergency Stop Buttons, Pushbuttons, Terminal Blocks by Schlegel (Germany) are built to the highest standards in the electrical industry.


Shunts designed for use with 50 or 100 millivolt DC measuring instruments, calibrated in terms of the ampere ratings of the shunt.


Switches with a complete range from 15 Amps to 315 Amps. Voltmeter or Ammeter Switches available. 600V, 15 Amps CSA rating.


Synchroscopes measure & display the frequency difference of two power sources allowing the user to connect two synchronized AC power systems together.


Transducers measure, isolate, & convert electrical parameters into industry standard DC output signals via communication interface options such as RS232 & Modbus digital protocol.


Transmitters split 1 input signal into 4 independent 4-20 mA DC current loops with +/- 10 V common mode isolation between input & outputs.

Voltage Transformers6

Voltage Transformers used to step down & decrease the voltage of a system to a level that is considered safe. 600V Class or Medium V models available.