Integra 1530 Digital Metering

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Integra 1530 Digital Metering System

The Integra 1530 Digital Metering System is a digital metering system providing high accuracy <0.2% measurement, display and communication of all major electrical and power quality parameters, including true RMS system values, power quality data and total harmonic distortion (THD) measurement up to the 31st harmonic.

The Integra 1530 Digital Metering System offers a DIN 96 panel mounting enclosure with simple programming and display of up to 34 power measurement parameters via a simple menu driven user interface on the front panel. The Integra 1530 benefits from optional pulsed, analogue and digital communication outputs, allowing enhanced status information of up to 50 measured parameters to be communicated into building management systems. These units are IP54 rated, with an optional IP65 rating (with optional protective cover p/n 3.G365.02)

Additionally, a simple Window based software package is available to remotely configure, monitor and communicate all 50 major electrical and power quality parameters.

The Crompton Instruments product range represents one of the largest product offerings of power measurement, control, and protection instrumentation, for switchgear and generator set manufacturers, panel builders and OEMs.

Crompton Instruments products offer proven reliability across a diverse array of industries including power generation, process control, test and measurement, utility, marine, defence and energy management applications. To meet the challenges of ever decreasing lead times and industry developments, design and manufacturing processes are constantly reviewed and updated.

By combining local knowledge with over 100 years of research, product development and manufacturing capabilities, Crompton Instruments products provide the highest standards of performance and user convenience.


  • Fully programmable VT and CT ratios
  • High contrast red LED display
  • Industry standard DIN96 case style
  • IP54 Rating
  • IP65 Rating with Protective Cover Option (p/n 3.G365.02)
  • LED annunciators for each measured parameter
  • Measurement and communication of up to 50 electrical and power parameters
  • Measurement and display of up to 34 electrical and power parameters
  • Modbus and Lonworks interface options
  • Panel Gasket (optional)(p/n 3.C345.01)
  • Pulsed, analogue and digital outputs
  • THD measurement and power quality data to 31st harmonic
  • True RMS measurement


  • Configurable via software package or menu driven interface
  • High accuracy <0.2%
  • Monitoring, control and protection of expensive power assets
  • Pre-calibrated plug-in options
  • Replaces multiple single function instruments



  • IEC 1010-1/BSEN 61010-1 CAT III


  • cUL  E20300
INT-1530 Digital Metering System

INT-1530 Digital Metering System

  • cUL  E20300