Terminal Blocks

General Details

The Schlegel quick-assembly terminals are standard terminals for industry, especially for electrical machine control systems, for switch, distribution and measurement units and for elevator and apparatus engineering. The terminals are suitable for high and low voltage as well as for DC and AC. The particular advantages of the terminal blocks are their short assembly times and their small dimensions.


  • Contact bracket compensates for any reduction in contact pressure caused by cold flow of the cable.
  • Contact bracket spring exerts an upward force on the screw head to ensure that it does not loosen through vibration.
  • Contact system ensures that no matter how small the cross section of the wire, it can only be inserted into the connection hole.
  • Heavy gauge of the metal forming the bracket ensures no “tilting” of the bottom plate is possible, whatever the cable size.
  • Rolled screws (shown on the left) rather than turned screws are used, enabling high clamping force to be achieved with reduced possibility of thread damage.
  • Screw damage to the wire is eliminated by the use of a serrated plate, acted upon by the screw, bearing down on the wire.