Protector Trip Relays 250 Series

General Details

Protector Trip relays continuously monitor and protect any electrical parameter within a set point limit. The range offers both traditional and technologically advanced products, including single parameter units.


  • AC Current with Adjustable Time Delay
  • AC Voltage with Adjustable Differential
  • AC Voltage with Adjustable Time Delay
  • Combined Under/Over-Voltage and Frequency
  • DC Millivolts/Thermocouple
  • DC Transducer Trip
  • Frequency
  • Hot Spot 3 Temperature Relay
  • Hot Spot 6 Temperature Relay
  • Phase Balance
  • Phase Sequence and Phase Failure
  • Reverse Power (current)
  • Speed Sensing
  • Synchro-Check (paralleling)
  • Thermistor Trip


  • Adjustable set point and time delay
  • Bright red LED indicating alarm and trip function
  • Comprehensive range of electronic monitoring and protector trip relays
  • Continuous surveillance of any electrical parameter
  • Flame-retardant molded cases
  • Suitable for panel mounting or 35mm DIN rail fixing


  • CSA 052592