Digital Counters

Laureate™ Frequency , Rate & Period Meter

The Laureate dual-channel frequency, rate and period meter is a basic operating mode of the Laureate counter with the FR signal conditioner board. It can display frequency from 0.005 Hz to 1 MHz, rate in engineering units, and period (inverse of frequency). The normal displayed value can range up to 999,999 counts. Above that level, the display will flash and go into four-digit XXXXEX scientific notation. Each channel (A or B) may be independently scaled for frequency, rate or period. The displayed channel is selected via a front panel pushbutton. Examples of applications are the accurate display of AC line frequency, RPM, speed from proximity switch inputs, and flow from turbine flow meter inputs.

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Laureate™Dual-Channel Pulse Input Totalizer

The Laureate dual-channel up or down totalizer is a basic operating mode of the Laureate counter with the FR dual-channel signal conditioner board. Each channel (A or B) may be independently set up and scaled to count up from zero (or other value) to a preset limit, or to count down from a preset value to zero (or other limit). Countdown operation is set up by entering a negative scale factor.

The six-digit counter display is capable of displaying any value from -999,999 to 999,999 with a programmable decimal point. Scaling allows direct readout in engineering units, such as gallons or cubic feet based on counts from a turbine flowmeter, or the count of cans based on the count of six-packs. The displayed channel (A or B) is selected via a front panel pushbutton. The totals are stored in non-volatile memory so as to be retained in the absence of power.

The minimum recommended complementary option for the Laureate totalizer is the dual setpoint controller output board, which is available with either 8A relays or AC/DC solid state relays.

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Laureate™ Quadrature Encoder Position & Rate Meter

The Laureate™ quadrature meter with the Standard counter main board accepts the A & B quadrature signals from linear encoders and shaft encoders to provide a highly accurate, scaled display of position, length, or angle in engineering units, such as ft, cm or degrees. The A & B quadrature signals are 90° out of phase, and their phase relationship determines whether up counts (+) or down counts (-) are counted. The meter totalizes the counts and then scales the total in software for display and control. A zero index signal, or Z signal, may be added as a third input to the A & B signals.

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MAGNA Series Large Digit Displays

Viewing distances up to 320 feet (100 m) are achieved with oversize digits. A rule of thumb is that viewing distance in feet is 40 times digit height in inches, or in metric terms, that viewing distance in meters is digit height in millimeters divided by 2.

Four digit heights are available: 57 mm (2-1/4″), 102 mm (4.0″), 150 mm (5.9″), and 200 mm (7.9″). Solid segments are used for normal brightness 2.2″ and 4.0″ digits. Individual 5 mm LED pixels are used for larger digits and outdoor brightness versions. The number of digits can be 4, 6 or 8, depending on the display function.

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