Disconnect Switches Open Type

General Details


  • Disconnect (Load Break) Switches comply with the latest specifications for modern low voltage devices
  • Outstanding electrical characteristics with compact design contribute to space saving installation and operational convenience
  • Compact, safe and highly reliable
  • Easy Installation
  • Polyamide glass filled material, having an excellent track resistance (CTI) for insulation to prevent flashover between phases in the most severe conditions.
  • Special contact design and configuration makes this switch highly reliable to withstand high short-circuit currents.
  • Double break contacts
  • Polycarbonate shroud (terminal cover) for wired terminal protection is included
  • Excellent switching and high short circuit capacity
  • Different mounting options, i.e. front mounting, rear mounting, and enclosure mounting
  • Provision for fixing on DIN Rail for rear mounting devices
  • Quick, simple and convenient, 22.5mm diameter single hole mounting is offered for 16A/20A switches with padlocking option
  • Open terminals for easy access
  • Finger protection
  • Terminal screws with fixed clamp for easy wiring
  • Add-on main/neutral/auxiliary contacts can be mounted on both sides of the switch
  • Maintenance handles on switches w/door clutches (up to 63 amps)


  • UL