Multi Ratio CTs

General Details









Multi-ratio current transformers are designed to enable the customer to obtain several current ratios from a single CT. These models are used for relaying applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Many different models with numerous window sizes and ratios 
  • These models provide up to ten different ratios from one CT


  • CSA and UL recognized  
  • Manufactured to meet the requirements of IEEE C57.13
  • Standard secondary taps are per IEEE C57.13 6.1d. Special tap arrangements are also available.
  • Units can be designed to meet the requirements of IEC-44-1. Consult factory for details.
Product Scope: 
  • Voltage Class: 600 V 
  • BIL Rating: 10kV
  • Primary Currents 50 to 5000 amps

115mr Window Diameter: 4.00″

117mr Window Diameter: 4.62″

135mr Window Diameter: 5.75″

140mr Window Diameter: 8.13″

141mr Window Diameter: 8.13″

142mr Window Diameter: 7.25″

143mr Window Diameter: 7.31″