Switchboard Frequency Meters

General Details

007 Series Frequency Meter

This robust range of self contained, pivot and jewel moving iron meters feature 250 Degree linear scale. While type of frequency meters can be damaged by transient supply voltage spike, Crompton Instruments 007-41 frequency meters can withstand, without damage, 10 successive transient spikes of 1250 volts. Terminal Cover included with all units no extra charge.


  • 250 Degree linear scale
  • Pivot and Jewel moving iron
  • Terminal Cover included no charge


  • Building Management
  • Control Panels
  • Distribution Systems
  • Energy Management
  • Generator Sets
  • Motor Control
  • Process Control
  • Switchgear
  • Utility Power Monitoring


  • ANSI C39.1(1981)


  • cRU E203000