Cam Switches Rotary Type N (12 to 130 Amps)

General Details


  • High quality insulation materials and contacts made with silver alloys
  • High making and breaking capacities, electrical and mechanical endurance and small dimensions
  • Multiple switching operations in main as well as in auxiliary circuits
  • Can have 12 control positions and 12 switching elements (24 contacts) maximum and can be made with detent positions of 30˚, 45˚, 60˚ and 90˚
  • Can be used in ambient temperatures from – 25˚ C to + 55˚ C


  • As motor switches they are designed for direct-online starting and stopping of single-phase and three-phase motors
  • Also available as star-delta switches, reversing switches and pole-change over motor switches
  • In auxiliary circuits they are assembled to your specific switching program needs: switches for control, signaling and measuring circuits
  • Selector switches and tap switches for transformers and welding apparatuses
  • Step switches for switching operations of resistors and heaters
  • Control switches with spring return