Class 0.5 Transducers

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Class 0.5 Transducers






Class 0.5 Transducers manufactured by Crompton Instruments are an extensive range of high quality durable transducers providing measurement, isolation and conversion of electrical parameters into industry standard DC output signals.

Transducers are 0.5 Accuracy Class and offer protection against high voltage and overload, and resistance to vibration in harsh electrical environments. Also offered are multiple analog outputs in a single housing and individual measurement of most electrical parameters.

The Crompton Instruments product range represents one of the largest product offerings of power measurement, control, and protection instrumentation, for switchgear and generator set manufacturers, panel builders and OEMs.

Crompton Instruments products offer proven reliability across a diverse array of industries including power generation, process control, test and measurement, utility, marine, defence and energy management applications. To meet the challenges of ever decreasing lead times and industry developments, design and manufacturing processes are constantly reviewed and updated.

By combining local knowledge with over 100 years of research, product development and manufacturing capabilities, Crompton Instruments products provide the highest standards of performance and user convenience


  • Convert high voltage signals to a low voltage DC output
  • Limit voltage levels to the attached equipment and minimize the possibility of overloads or transients being passed on
  • Provide a signal that can be transmitted from the measuring location to a remote point


  • Designed for use in harsh electrical environments
  • High degree of mechanical shock and vibration resistance
  • High protection against overload – 20 x rated current for 1 second
  • Inputs, outputs and power supply are galvanically isolated
  • Protection against high voltage

 Measured Parameters:

  • AC and DC current and voltage
  • Active (Watts), reactive (VAR) and apparent (VA) power
  • Frequency
  • Temperature transmitters for resistance thermometer detectors (RTD’s)


  • Conversion to standard DC output signals
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Exceptional waveforms handling
  • Flame retardant cases
  • High accuracy
  • Measurement of most electrical parameters
  • Multiple outputs in single housing
  • Outputs suitable for indication, PLCs
  • Screw clamp terminals
  • Single and three-phase systems
  • Zero and span adjustments


  • Cost savings remote metering
  • Isolated output for safety
  • Protection against high voltage and overload
  • Reduction of signal levels for ease of metering



  • CE
  • cULus E203000
  • CE
  • cULus E203000