Voltage Change Switches

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Voltage Change Switches

Voltage Change Switches are rugged voltage changeover switches designed for the generator industry. Custom design is available for any application.

Voltage Change Switches offer the advantage of not having to do any rewiring, simply having to only turn the handle for operation.

A changeover switch is used during an outage. It is designed to transfer electricity from the commercial power grid to a local generator. Therefore, when the end user is experiencing a power cut, the generator from the changeover switch will provide power

Whether it’s a Kohler, Cummins, Caterpillar, Magnetek, Katolight, Generac, Leroy Somer, Marathon, Marelli, Meccalte, Weg, or another manufacturer, a switch can be designed for your application. These units have a rugged durable design especially suitable for the generator industry.

To order, simply give us the hookup you require, (Wye, Wye-wye, Delta, Double-delta, Zig–zag), the KW rating and the generator manufacturer and our experienced engineers will design a high quality switch around the hook-up of your generator. Please see attached specification sheets for more info.

The Crompton Instruments product range represents one of the largest product offerings of power measurement, control, and protection instrumentation, for switchgear and generator set manufacturers, panel builders and OEMs.

Crompton Instruments products offer proven reliability across a diverse array of industries including power generation, process control, test and measurement, utility, marine, defence and energy management applications. To meet the challenges of ever decreasing lead times and industry developments, design and manufacturing processes are constantly reviewed and updated.

By combining local knowledge with over 100 years of research, product development and manufacturing capabilities, Crompton Instruments products provide the highest standards of performance and user convenience.


  • Custom control switch designed around the hook-up of your generator
  • Custom design for any application
  • No rewiring of switch, simply turn the handle
  • Rugged voltage changeover switches for the generator industry
  • Simply give us the hookup you require, (Y YY Δ ZZ ΔΔ), the KW rating, and the generator manufacturer and the switch will be designed around the hook-up of the generator


Voltage Change Switches

Voltage Change Switches

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